National Dataset

National Land Tenure


Land tenure is one of the key underlying influences and limitations to changes in land management. The Land Tenure dataset is for organisations that rely on the known tenure of land to inform land management decisions. Data is sourced from the land authorities within state and territory governments and standardised into a four level structure.

Dataset Purpose

Land Tenure supports:

  • Improved management of native title, environmental assets and heritage protection
  • Defence and disaster management
  • Better infrastructure planning
  • Extended statistical analysis of land tenure data
  • Detailed operational and strategic planning
  • Enhanced property development planning
  • Identification of land ownership, particularly Crown or Indigenous land
  • Access to detailed reserve classifications, including offshore.

The dataset aligns land tenure classifications to cadastral parcel identifiers, requiring the use of the PSMA CadLite dataset to visualise or spatially analyse the Land Tenure dataset. The Land Tenure dataset links to CadLite through persistent CAD identifiers, making it easy to align the four levels of tenure classifications to cadastral parcels.

Use Case

Output Products