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NT Tenure of the Northern Territory

This dataset is a combination of information extracted from the Northern Territory's MAPNET and Land Administration Information System (LAIS) databases. It has been compiled for the sole purpose of providing a general snapshot of Northern Territory Tenure information over the internet, via the NT's node of the Australian Coastal Atlas.

MAPNET contains spatial definitions of land parcels in the Northern Territory. Refer to the MAPNET metadata record for further information.

LAIS is the central database that supplies land and administrative information to Government and commercial interests in the Northern Territory. Refer to the LAIS metadata record for further information.

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This dataset is derived from the MAPNET and LAIS databases. The spatial component (MAPNET) was originally digitised from existing cadastral maps created from land surveys within the Northern Territory. The attribute data is only a subset of information available from within the LAIS database. The LAIS database data is derived from historical data described by the initial surveyors of the Northern Territory. It was captured electronically in the late 1970's for inclusion when the system became operational in 1981. The data is stored in a database and is a dynamic dataset that is undergoing continual change. Refer to the MAPNET and LAIS metadata records for further information.

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