About the FSDF-LINK

Welcome to the Foundation Spatial Data Framework’s Location Information Knowledge Platform.

At the October ANZLIC and ICSM meetings, a demonstration of the FSDF knowledge platform (theLINK) was provided. This presentation noted the FSDF’s evolution from a conceptual framework represented in static booklets (2012) to a governed, online, dynamic, cloud-based analysis and discovery tool.

The current release of the LINK is framed around the FSDF spatial datasets supply chain and is a continually evolving knowledge base of the foundation datasets. the LINK encapsulates who provides data (generally the state and territory governments), who aggregates to make national datasets and who uses FSDF datasets. The LINK provides the knowledge surrounding the FSDF, combining both traditional metadata and business content for all identified datasets. This is useful as it provides a evidence base for policy development and federated work planning, while also enabling users to not only find national datasets but also the data provided from a jurisdictional level.