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QLD Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB)

The Digital Cadastre DataBase (DCDB) is the spatial representation of the property boundaries in Queensland and their related property descriptions. It is a fundamental reference layer for spatial information systems in Queensland. The DCDB is not the point of truth for property boundaries, property descriptions, or tenure information within the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. This data is updated weekly on Sunday.
This dataset is a pre-packaged zip file containing the entire State cadastre in file geodatabase format. No other format is available for this dataset. The dataset, "Cadastral data - Queensland - by area of interest", allows you to extract data via local government areas in four different formats including shapefile and tabfile.

Dataset Purpose

To provide spatial representations of property boundaries and their related property descriptions

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Dataset Lineage

The DCDB was developed by manually digitizing the best available cadastral maps of the time. The initial digital capture was completed to the agreed standard in 1992. Positional accuracy of the DCDB was derived from both the source map scale and the precision of the digitizing. Consequently, this positional accuracy initially varied throughout Queensland. The DCDB is continuously updated by inputting registered cadastral survey plans and other administrative notifications. The DCDB is also being systematically upgraded to improve the spatial accuracy. The current datum of DCDB is GDA94. Construction lines in the DCDB are not warranted to be actual boundaries of any feature.

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