Australian Nautical Charts and Publications

Friday, 10 March, 2017
Use Type 
Use Case

Deliver reliable and timely nautical charts, publications and services for the maritime community and meet the maritime geospatial information requirements of the Department of Defence.

Use Case-Requirement Category 
Agency/Working Group or Committee 
Agency Duty 
The Australian Hydrographic Service is responsible for meeting Australia’s obligations for providing hydrographic products and services to enable safe navigation and to support our ability to trade by sea.
Australian Hydrographer
Associated Stakeholder or System 
Department of Defence
How spatial Data Assists 

Maritime geospatial data is used as the authorative source for the compilation of Australian Nautical Charts and Publications or in support of Defence maritime and littoral operations, exercises and training.  Hydrographic information that has an impact on maritime safety or affect on a nautical product is managed through the publication of an Australian Notice to Mariner (NtM). 

Benefit Realised 

Spatial information is a core component of Australian nautical charts and publications.  The provision of reliable charts and navigation services to mariners is a fundamental enabler of safe maritime trade and an important contribution to the protection of the marine environment.  Maritime trade is an important contributor to the Australian economy.