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Information relating to the national dataset for the national boundaries needs to be updated.

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Friday, 5 May, 2017
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Sunday, 15 October, 2017
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May 2017: Update content sourced
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Ongoing development and improvement of The LINK (New technologies)

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National Jurisdictional Boundaries

Dataset Type 

National jurisdictional boundaries are a collection of legislative, regulatory, political and general administrative boundaries sourced from Federal, State and Territory authorities.  It is a placeholder for a variety of inputs from states and territories.

Point of Contact 
Input datasets 
ACT Arboretum Forest
ACT Boundary
ACT District Boundaries
ACT Division Boundaires
ACT Postcode Boundaries
ACT Reserves
ABS ASGS Australia Boundary
NSW County Dataset
NSW Land District Dataset
NSW Land Office Dataset
NSW Local Aboriginal Land Council Dataset
NSW Local Land Service Region Dataset
NSW Mines Subsidence District Dataset
NSW Miscellaneous Reserves Dataset
NSW National Park and WildLife Services (NPWS) Dataset
NSW Parish Dataset
NSW State Borders
NSW State Forest Dataset
NT Administrative Boundary
NT Administrative Regions of the Northern Territory
NT Administrative Sub Regions
NT Alcohol Exclusion zones
NT Banana Freckle Areas
NT Building control areas
NT Bushfires Administrative Boundaries: Fire control regions
NT Bushfires Administrative Boundaries: Fire protection zones
NT Bushfires Administrative Boundaries: Volunteer bushfire brigade areas
NT Hundreds
NT Island
NT Land Council Region
NT Local Government Areas
NT Localities
NT Locality Areas
NT Northern Territory Pastoral Districts
NT Northern Territory Water Management Areas: Beneficial Uses
NT Northern Territory Water Management Areas: Water Allocation Plan Areas
NT Northern Territory Water Management Areas: Water Control Districts
NT Northern Territory Water Management Areas: Water Plan Management Zones
NT Police Command Regions
NT Police Districts
NT Police Divisions
Statistical Boundary Data Set of the Northern Territory
NT Town Boundaries
Coastline and State Border - Queensland
Local Government area boundaries - Queensland
Locality Boundaries - Queensland
SA Adelaide metropolitan area
SA Border agreement zone
SA CFS Districts
SA Counties
Designated Survey Areas
SA Government towns
SA Ground water managemet areas
Irrigation areas
Irrigation divisions
SA Irrigation management zones
Local Government Areas
SA MFS Districts
Natural Resources Management Regions
Water Notice Of Intent To Prescribe
SA Ports and Harbours
Prescribed Watercourses
Prescribed Surface Water Areas
Prescribed wells areas
SA Protected areas
SA River Murray protection area
SA Salinity Impact Zones
SA State Borders
SA State Government Regions
Suburbs and Localities
SA Surface water management zones
SA Urban Centres and Townsites
Prescribed Water Resources Areas
LIST Land District Boundaries
TAS LIST Local Government Areas
LIST Locality and Postcode Areas
LIST Marine Nature Reserves
LIST Parish Boundaries
LIST Private Reserves
LIST Public Land Classification
TAS LIST Water Management Regions
VIC CFA Districts
VIC CFA Regions
VIC CFA Total fire ban districts
VIC DELWP regional boundaries
VIC Gov Regions
VIC LGA Area polygon
VIC LGA_Polygon
VIC Locality area polygon
VIC Locality polygon
VIC MFB Districts
VIC MFB Regions
VIC Parish polygon
VIC Postcodes
VIC Proclaimed water supply catchment areas
VIC State Borders
VIC Township boundaries
WA Agriculture Areas
WA Corridor TBC
WA Divisions of State
WA Estate Areas
WA Land Districts
WA Local Government Authority
WA Locality
WA Marine and Harbour Area
WA National Parks
WA Native Title Determined Claims
WA Native Title Fed Claims
WA Native Title Indigenous Land Use Agreements
WA Native Title Registered Claims
WA Port Areas
WA Port Authorities
WA River Park Area
WA State Border
WA State Forests
WA Surburban Areas
WA Townsite Boundaries
WA Water catchment areas
WA Water Control Areas
NSW Suburb Dataset
NSW Local Government Area
Output datasets 
Administrative Boundaries
PSMA Administrative Boundaries
Update National Boundary Information
Agency/Working Group or Committee 
Task Output 

Abstract and additional information is updated