Output Product

WA Airborne Imagery


Between 1948 and 2009 aerial imagery of Western Australia was captured by aircraft using traditional film cameras. Today, digital cameras are used and our aerial imagery can be viewed online, at no cost with Map Viewer. It is easy to see the changing landscape of Western Australian cities, towns and suburbs over time. Our Midland staff can help you with photographic prints, enlargements and custom images.

Dataset Purpose

Imagery provides an analytical source and contextual background for decision making and supports multiple applications including:
•Emergency Services
•Natural resource management
•Sustainable human and land use development


A panchromatic national coverage exists from 1947 to 1988 based on data held in the National Archives of Australia. From the 1970s to present various jurisdictions have carried out a variety of airborne surveys over regional and urban areas. Generally urban areas have higher resolution data.