Imagery is derived from sensor technologies used to detect, locate, classify and record objects relative to the surface of the Earth. This includes data sourced from satellite, airborne sensors and terrestrial cameras. It includes but is not limited to orthorectified multispectral, hyper spectral and panchromatic sensors. Raw data is collected from a satellite or airborne mission and then processed and orthorectified to remove tilt, terrain, atmospheric and other image distortions

Theme Purpose

Imagery provides an analytical source and contextual background for decision making and supports multiple applications including:

Mapping; topographic features, bathymetry, feature extraction for other fundamental datasets
Emergency Services; Monitoring active and/or recent fires, flood and storm events
Natural resource management; Biomass, native vegetation and agriculture, managing conservation areas
Geosciences; Geoscience resources,
Sustainable human and land use development; auditing urban

Theme Coverage

Complete, current and continuous coverage of Australia