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Valuation Cadastre Subset

Consists of polygon representation for all valuation assessments linked to specific attributes uniquely related to each relevant assessment. The valuation assessment will be the primary key for each parcel. Delineation of current valuation assessments as undertaken by the Valuer General for rating purposes. Unique Feature Identifier is VALUATION_NUMBER (also known as assessment number). However a tenancy sequence number (4 digits) is used to uniquely identify sub-tenancies within a single valuation. Consequently this subset may include multiple records with the VALUATION_NUMBER Feature Identifier. This dataset is created by joining the ValuationAttributesSubset table to the ¿ValuationCadastre¿ spatial layer and has previously been available to some users from DEWNR¿s EGISDATA. This dataset may have been previously referred to as the ¿property cadastre

Dataset Purpose

Used for land administration, mapping and spatial analysis purposes generally. Can be linked to other databases either spatially or through the Valuation identifier

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The Valuation Cadastre Subset is linked to the Valuation Cadastre lineage. The Property Cadastre was first created in April 2000. Approximately 90% of the State¿s properties were created by direct linkage to the DCDB (parcel cadastre). Of these approximately 75% comprised a 1:1 relationship, whilst 15% comprised a 1:M relationship. The remaining 10% were captured from plans and aerial photography with reference to the Cadastre.

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