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SA Landuse (ALUM)

This dataset contains the combined datasets of the South Australian areas land use mapped to May 2008. The land uses are presented in Australian Land Use and Management (ALUM) classification version 6; which is the nationally agreed classification system for attributing land use information in Australia. For ALUM classification guidelines, principles, procedures and definitions, see document: Guidelines for land use mapping. See Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) for spatial data download.

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Previously acquired land use mapping for the state, ranging in capture dates from 1999 to 2003, were clipped to each of the NRM Region boundaries (note that these boundaries are now superseded) The DCDB was overlaid onto the land use to show property boundaries that had previously been dissolved out. Additional data was overlaid to help define protected areas, native vegetation, planted vegetation and farm dams. Extensive field work updated those land uses that had changed since the previous survey. Aerial photography and satellite imagery helped to define any new boundaries. Datasets used were: Mount Lofty Ranges (2007), Kangaroo Island (2008), South East (2008), Arid Lands (2008) and Alinytjara Wilurara (2008), Northern and Yorke (2008), Eyre Peninsula (2008), Desktop editing included checking each land parcel against the most recent imagery available, using the imagery, land use descriptions in the DCDB and any other supporting evidence to assign a land use code. Field verification involved taking a digital copy of the data into the field, traversing all roads in the region and editing errors and adding new land uses. Due to the size of the project area and cost constraints involved, field verification was not carried out in the SA Arid Lands and Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Regions. An accuracy assessment was carried out in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty NRM Region, resulting in an average accuracy of 88%. Due to time and cost constraints, the accuracy assessment was not carried out in the other Regions, but as the same methodology and some of the same staff were involved in all Regions, it provides a certain level of confidence that a similar level of accuracy was achieved. Land use mapped should be regarded as a representation of land use only, and is best used at a regional or catchment level.

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