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SA Generalised Landuse (VG Landuse code)

This layer is a general parcel-based land use dataset based on the valuation information and the valuation parcel boundaries. The landuse code from the valuation has been categorised into seventeen broad classes.

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The generalised land use spatial layer is derived from joining the state wide property cadastre (applying the latest yearly snapshot) and the generalised land use description lookup table. This table comprises of 19 land use categories that summarises the property cadastre dataset. The land use categories include: AGRICULTURE, COMMERCIAL, EDUCATION, FOOD_INDUSTRY, FORESTRY, GOLF, HORTICULTURE, LIVESTOCK, MINE_QUARRY, NONPRIVATE_RESID, PUB_INSTITUTION, RECREATION, RESIDENTIAL, RET_COMMERCIAL, RURAL_RESID, UTIL_INDUSTRY, VACANT and VACANT_RESID.

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