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Parcel Cadastre

A Parcel Cadastre consisting of a line-work representation for all land parcels linked to the specific attributes uniquely related to the relevant parcel. The Plan/Parcel ID reference will be the primary key for each parcel. Delineation of current land parcels as registered on plans of division lodged with Land Services Division. For example, lot in plan (FP, DP, RP, CP, SP, GRO), section in hundred, block out of hundreds. This data product has been created from LOTS data as used in DTEI¿s PLB+ application. The associated table structure is identical to that formerly available from DENR¿s EGIS. Unique Feature Identifier is PARCEL_ID. Does not include easements. Note: Three parcel datasets are available; ParcelCadastre, ParcelCadastreCommunity and ParcelCadastreCombined. ParcelCadastreCombined is created via scripts in the DPTI environment. Outer Boundary Parcels are removed to make way for corresponding Community Parcels and the Accuracy_Code and Improved fields are calculated from the Parent OB parcel.

Dataset Purpose

Used for land administration, mapping and spatial analysis purposes generally. Can be linked to other databases either spatially or through the parcel identifier.

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Application to access the dataset, viewed through Property Location Browser

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As per Parcel Cadastre Most data was captured from maps at scale 1:2,500 in urban areas (400,000 parcels), and 1:10,000 or 1:50,000 in rural areas (350,000 parcels) with the remainder in pastoral areas and islands. Strata units were captured in 1999 using `heads up¿ digitising methods. These plans were digitally scanned at various scales. The Parcel Cadastre combined also provides a common and spatially consistent boundary framework for client use that promotes consistency among dependent data sets; thus facilitating improved data integration and analysis across government.

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