Input Dataset

NSW SLATS LANDSAT Woody Change: Derived Vector Database 1988 - 2010


This dataset was derived from the primary ‘SLATS Landsat woody
change data (25m) for 1988 – 2010’ raster (grid) layers used to
generate the annualised woody vegetation change rates for the
2010 NSW Annual Report of Native Vegetation. This data describes
the areas and type of woody vegetation change (loss) based on the
analysis of multi-date Landsat imagery covering NSW.
This data is based on a biennial LANDSAT coverage between 1988-
2006 and annual coverage 2006-2010. LANDSAT Imagery 1988-
2008 was processed by Geosciences Australia at 25m resolution.
2008 onwards is based on USGS processed LANDSAT at 30m
resolution. Note, this vector data may generate slightly different aerial
statistics to those generated from the source raster data. This is due
to variation caused by the data transformation and vector cleaning
processes applied in generating the vector data.

Dataset Purpose

This vector change dataset was prepared by the NSW SLATS to
provide users with a more convenient means of analysing the area
and type of woody vegetation change (loss).

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