Input Dataset

NSW Property Dataset


Property data is a polygon feature class that spatially represents an aspatial property description as provided by the Valuer Generals Department in their ValNet database. Properties are divided into 3 categories: ‘Property’ (Complete), ‘Incomplete’ and ‘Other’. For more information and definitions of each feature class, feature instance and their attributes please refer to the LPI GURAS Data Dictionary.

Dataset Purpose

Property is used to spatially locate the property as defined by the Valuer General’s ValNet database. A property contains all address features related to it.

Funding Support

Access Mechanisms

Online Services, FTP Site, WMS

Access Format

GeoDatabase(gdb), Shape(shp), ESRI SDE, Well Known Text(wkt), Data Exchange Format(dxf),Oracle(SDO), MapInfo(MID/MIF/TAB)

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