Input Dataset

NSW Land Use


Dataset of Land Use between June 2000 and June 2007 for the
whole of New South Wales. Land use polygons are classified to
both NSW classification (LUMAP) and National standards (ALUM,
Australian Land Use and Management).
The ALUM classification is based upon the modified Baxter and
Russell classification and presented according to the specifications
contained in Baxter and Russell Classification.
The date of the data set is set as the land use occurring at the time
the satellite imagery was acquired, which can range from 1999 to
2006. The V2 dataset was updated in May 2011 to include values in
the attribute fields of Source, Source Date, Source Scale, Reliability
and LU Mapping Date and is ALUM Version 7 compatible.

Dataset Purpose

Suitable for Strategic Land-use planning issues- state and local
government. Suitable for modelling exercises related to climate
change, erosion, recharge, biodiversity, planning disease control and
assessment of high value rural assets.
The dataset conta

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