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Norfor - Mapping the Forest Cover of the Northern Territory - 2001

NT portion of a composit variable resolution survey (1:100,000 to 250,000 scale dataset) produced in partnership between the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia using an agreed methodology to map/describe the current native forest cover for the northern portion (North of 18 degrees) of Australia.
The objective of this project was the production of a native forest cover dataset for the Northern portion of Australia classified to nationally agreed specifications.

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Original linework/vegetation patterns delineated using satellite imagery with radiometric calibration, geometric correction and image registration classified into a maximum of 25 classes using an Isodata unsupervised classification method in ERMapper 6.0 to delineate mapping unit boundaries and site selection, then extensively ground-truthed with topographic basemap/GPS coordinated field survey and site data collection. Resultant verified linework georeferanced to GPS ground control points and 1:25,000 topographic basemap then input into GIS system as ArcInfo vector information and built as a polygon cover. Recompiled and updated to GDA94 as part of ongoing GIS Progarm 2004. Source data Satellite imagery - Geoimage Landsat 5TM scenes (bands 1-5 and 7) June to September 1992 Base map - Australian Topographic Survey Series 1:100,000 AGD66 - Australian Topographic Survey Series 1:250,000 AGD66 - Northern Territory Cadastre AGD66 GIS - ArcInfo vector as GDA94

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