Input Dataset

GEODATA TOPO 250K series 3


GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 is a vector representation of the major topographic features appearing on the 1:250,000 scale NATMAPs supplied in Personal Geodatabase format and is designed for use in a range of commercial GIS software. Data is arranged within specific themes. All data is based on the GDA94 coordinate system. GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 is available as a free download product in Personal Geodatabase, ArcView Shapefile or MapInfo TAB file formats. Each package includes data arranged in ten main themes - cartography, elevation, framework, habitation, hydrography, infrastructure, terrain, transport, utility and vegetation. Data is also available as GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 for Google Earth in kml format for use on Google Earth TM Mapping Service. Use of GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 is subject to a licence, the full terms of which are contained within the package. Interactive Maps is Geoscience Australia`s on-line map download system, delivering free download of seamless data. Product Specifications Themes: Cartography, Elevation, Framework, Habitation, Hydrography, Infrastructure, Terrain, Transport, Utility and Vegetation Coverage: National (Powerlines not available in South Australia) Currency: Data has a currency of less than five years for any location Coordinates: Geographical Datum: Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94) Formats: Personal Geodatabase, KML, Shapefile and MapInfo TAB Previous Version: Replaces GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 2 Release Date: 26 June 2006

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