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The dataset is a digital polygon coverage of Tasmania, (captured at 1:25 000 scale), detailing seven broad categories (groups) of forest vegetation, which have been aggregated from photo-interpreted forest types (PI-types) derived from varying scales of colour aerial photography.Photo-interpreted forest types (PI-types) are coded descriptions of forest vegetation. They classify forest into broad species groups as well as descriptions of stand structure. Full detail of PI-typing is described in Stone(1998).The currency of the FORESTGROUP data varies by tenure. Data for public land, (particularly State forest), is current as at June 2011 with regard to the latest landclearing, regeneration, selective logging, and planting information. The information for other native forest is current to the date of the photography from which it was interpreted; the state is covered by a 20 year remapping cycle. For private land, adjustments for land clearing, regeneration, logging and planting are as advised by major forestry companies to Private Forests Tasmania at various times to December 2010; recent changes which are not forestry-related or not associated with the activities of major companies may not be reflected in the data.

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