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Built features - Queensland series

This is a series of datasets covering the State of Queensland displaying built features (non transport). Features are attributed with source information and names where available. Datasets include: - Aerial Cableways - Breakwaters, groynes and seawalls - Buildings - Cemeteries - Community Facilities - such as Art Galleries, Convention Centres, Court Houses, Entertainment Centres, Government House, Libraries, Local Government Chambers, Parliament House, Places of Worship, Post Offices, Surf Life Saving Clubhouses, Theatres, Tourist Information Centres - Lighthouses - Marinas - Recreation Areas - such as Civic Squares, Gardens, Golf Courses, Basketball Courts, Bowling Clubs, Camping Grounds, Caravan Parks, Netball Courts, Picnic Grounds, Tennis Courts, Velodromes, Ovals, Parks, Race Courses, Race Tracks, Rifle Ranges, Showgrounds, Training Tracks, Zoos

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Initially for whole of state data capture, the areas of interest were identified from the Queensland Place Names Database (PNDB) that has a Place Type classification of either City, Town or Township. For each place the DCDB was used to create the extent of the feature by combining at least 50 adjacent 2ha parcels. Ongoing data updating is performed by digitising the location from departmental imagery (orthophotos and satellite).

Feature Types:
Built Up Area - An urban settlement with more than 50 residential dwellings and where areas have a cadastral parcel size of less than 2 hectares

FEATURETYPE - Unique feature type that identifies the topographic feature e.g. Built Up Area.
NAME - Not Applicable
FEATURERELIABILITY - Reliability date of the source information
FEATURESOURCE - The imagery, map or data that the spatial location of the feature was obtained from
ATTRIBUTERELIABILITY - Reliability date of the document or authority that the name of the feature was acquired from
ATTRIBUTESOURCE - The source (imagery, map or data) used for attributing (naming) of the feature. If no name is present then the attribute source will be the imagery, map or data used to define the feature type e.g. abattoir
PLANIMETRICACCURACY - The standard deviation of the horizontal positional accuracy.
DIMENSION - This is the dimension of the polygon feature in square metres as measured in the GDA94 Australia Albus projection

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