Mastersoft Group: Open G-NAF and Address validation

Thursday, 30 March, 2017
Use Type 
Use Case

Mastersoft Group provides Australian and New Zealand address validation in the cloud through its Harmony Hosted subscription service.

Problem: Human error can occur when manually entering addresses, resulting in a poor customer experience and incorrect and false addresses being added to databases. This impedes smooth business practices, especially with high volume customer touch points and where are accurate addresses are crucial to business success.

Solution: Mastersoft’s Harmony Hosted service provides access to the openly available G-NAF, Australia Post’s Postal Address File and a range of New Zealand Address datasets, allowing users to search addresses from multiple datasets in a single search.

Mastersoft Group
How spatial Data Assists 

G-NAF provides the authoritative source of physical addresses within Australia. Together with Harmony Hosted, G-NAF ensures accurate addresses and provides the gateway between customer addresses and spatial analytics.

Benefit Realised 

Harmony Hosted address validation makes it easier for customers and employees to complete forms with accurate information, saving time, money and frustration.

It also enables enterprises to understand the spatial aspects of their customer locations.

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