Community Insight Australia: Open public data mapping tool

Thursday, 30 March, 2017
Use Type 
Use Case

Community Insight Australia is a social enterprise organisation that has developed a web-based mapping tool, enabling access to openly available public data in a centralised, user friendly way.

Problem: Community organisations and frontline services need to allocate scarce resources, including services, staff and funds, to areas of greatest need.

Solution: The Community Insight Australia tool combines up-to-date datasets of social indicators with accurate addressing information to enable visualisation of areas of high need. This helps with the social profiling of a community. The tool creates easy to read automated reports with each parameter explained visually through maps and dashboards for easy benchmarking and comparisons.

Community Insight Australia
How spatial Data Assists 

Community Insight Australia utilises open G-NAF data, allowing social purpose organisations to access location-based information.

Benefit Realised 

The mapping tool allows users to analyse social indicators specific to a location, such as crime, health, economy, education and skills.  This information helps to prioritise community investment and target the design and delivery of services across Australia to areas of greatest need.

Associated Dataset