Commonwealth Address Project

Determine appropriate business process to integrate Commonwealth sources addresses with other jurisdictions and the G-NAF.

Start Date 
Monday, 11 September, 2017 to Thursday, 31 May, 2018
Estimated completion date 
Thursday, 31 May, 2018
Percentage Complete 
Status Comment 
Due for mid 2018 release
Program Activities 

Implement update programs

Start Timeframe 
2017 Q1
Delivery Timeframe 
The accuracy, currency and completeness of national foundation spatial dataset content meets the needs of stakeholders and emerging market trends.

Mar 16: Open GNAF and elevation datasets released. State borders and coastline updates continuing.


National Geocoded Addressing

Dataset Type 

The national geocoded dataset is a data aggregation from multiple jurisdiction sources which depicts national and accurate information for geocoded addressing.

Aggregation Method 
Aggregation Comment 
Generally PSMA recieves custom extracts - snapshots from the jurisdiction Address files. PSMA has no visability to where the data is managed within each Jurisdiction. Minimal dataset metadata is exchanged with PSMA other than feature metadata where available.
Input datasets 
ACT Addressing
CTH Electoral Register
Property address Queensland - Data Package
SA Custom Address File
LIST Address Points
VIC VM Address
WA Address Database (ADR)
NSW Address Point Dataset
NSW Addressing Database (GURAS)
Output datasets 
The Geocoded National Address File (GNAF)
Complex addressing
Commonwealth Address Project
National quality improvement guidelines
Agency/Working Group or Committee 
Task Output 


Agreed and documented data sharing arrangements, and agreed roles, between dataset suppliers and custodians, and national custodians/aggregators/product owners, for the maintenance of national foundation spatial datasets.


Minimise the cost of production and maintenance of foundation spatial data by reducing or reusing resources.