Australian Statistical Geographical Standard Boundaries

The geographical boundaries that divide the area of interest on which the statistics are collected for purposes under the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act, 1975.

The Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) is the Australian Bureau of Statistics' geographical framework.

The ASGS brings all the regions used by the ABS to output data under the one umbrella. They are divided into two broad categories:

  1. ABS Structures, those regions which are defined and maintained by the ABS.
  2. Non-ABS Structures, those regions defined and maintained by other organisations, but for which the ABS supplies data.

The ABS Structures are a hierarchy of regions developed for the release of ABS statistical information. Their main components are listed below:

  • Australia
  • State/Territory
  • Statistical Areas Level 4
  • Statistical Areas Level 3
  • Statistical Areas Level 2
  • Statistical Areas Level 1
  • Mesh blocks