Input Dataset

Wetlands (100k)


Having information about wetlands improves our ability to make informed decisions about the management and conservation of wetlands.

The department coordinates mapping of Western Australia’s wetlands.

As a minimum, mapping identifies the presence of wetlands, but it can also identify the wetland boundary, classification, and values, and assign the wetland to a management category on the basis of its values.

  • Wetland mapping at an appropriate scale and level of detail is necessary for wetland management and decision making.
  • Some areas of the state have been mapped at a fine scale, while comprehensive wetland mapping has not been conducted in other areas.
  • Many different styles of wetland maps exist, developed at different scales, using different techniques for different purposes.

In liaison with the Wetland Status Working Group, the department provides guidance on appropriate identification, delineation, classification and evaluation methods. It provides technical feedback to the state Wetlands Coordinating Committee on the technical validity of mapping methods and products.

Identified Mandate