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WA Legislative Assembly Districts


MLA and MLC boundaries are updated every four years prior to the state elections. The current electoral dataset depicts the State Electoral Districts and Regions that were used in the State Election of March 2013. These districts and regions are described by technical description, and were published under the Electoral Act 1907, in the Govt Gazette on 10th October 2011. The current state electoral dataset that depicts the MLA District and the MLC Region boundaries remain the current dataset until the next state election is declared. Therefore, if a By-election is declared for any district prior to the next State General Election, this is the dataset that must be used.

Dataset Purpose

WA State electoral boundary - MLA. For electoral purposes the State is divided into 59 electoral districts. Each district returns one Member to the Legislative Assembly of the government of Western Australia. All MLA districts consist of the average district enrolment (ADE) subject to a variation of plus/minus 10%. All boundaries are reviewed two years after a general election. SCDB usage code 160.

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