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VIC CFA Districts


Part of the Vicmap Admin dataset series. This layer contains polygon features delineating the current Country Fire Authority District Boundaries.

CFA has moved to align their administrative boundaries to the Victorian Government Regional Departmental Boundaries and Victorian Local Government Boundaries. As a result of this direction, from 1st July 2010, what was once known as CFA Regions will now be known as CFA Districts.

Originally there were 20 Districts in this dataset. A new district (District 27) was added on 29 October 2015 bringing the total to 21 Districts.

The Districts are based on Victorian Local Government Boundaries. There are two exceptions in this dataset. In June 2011, Bass Coast Shire became part of District 8 when the Victorian Government Regional Departmental Boundaries indicated that it should be part of District 9. In October 2012, Yarriambiack Shire was divided using the east-west rabbit fence (same
as the Total Fire Ban District Boundary) which impacts on the District 17 and 18 Boundary.

Dataset Purpose

Vicmap Admin provides an accurate representation of various adminstrative boundaries across Victoria, at a capture scale of 1:25,000. It is used in a variety of applications, particularly in emergency services, natural resource management, planning and development, and digital map publications.

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