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TAS LIST Transport Segments:Roads

LIST Transport Segment data comprises transport routes (from those with highway status through to rough bush tracks), vehicular and passenger ferry routes, walking tracks, and railways. Transport Segments are those portions of the above routes and tracks which fall between two Transport Nodes. The data will also include those segments which make up larger roundabouts (ie. with diameter > 25 metres), forks (ramps) with a length exceeding 20 metres, and road connectors which are pseudo features that create artificial continuity through roundabouts. Driveways both public and private but with a length of less than 50 metres have not been captured in urban areas, except where the properties are internal, or have no road frontage. In rural areas, those considered to be the principal driveways or ones with significance were captured. Metadata for each line is linked to the Transport Segment layer through the Feature Metadata Pointer (FMP) attribute.

Dataset Purpose

The Road dataset is an aggregation of data from multiple jurisdiction sources which depicts national and accurate road based information. Classification depending upon its purpose or importance, such as a national highway that connects capital cities, ar

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