Input Dataset

Stormwater Drains


Stormwater pipe infrastructure and open drainage network, collected by 19 Local Councils and compiled into a single, contiguous dataset. Flow direction has been incorporated into the dataset, however some flow directions may be incorrect. The dataset is under continual update as Councils collect and upgrade infrastructure.

Dataset Purpose

The dataset can be used to show the extent of the stormwater network. Attributes of size, slope, type etc are included where known for analysis in flood modelling and pollution studies.

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Dataset Lineage

The Stormwater Drains dataset has been derived by updating the 2005 dataset with data obtained from Local Government Councils. See document: Report Into the Capture of Urban Stormwater For the Onkaparinga and Torrens Catchment Water Management Boards (Verhoef and Cundell, 2003)

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