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PSMA Administrative Boundaries

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The Administrative Boundaries datasets are Australia’s most comprehensive national collection of boundaries including government, statistical and electoral boundaries. Administrative Boundaries is produced by PSMA Australia Limited (PSMA), an unlisted public company formed by the nine governments of Australia to collate and standardise, format and aggregate location data from each of the jurisdictions into authoritative location based national datasets. This dataset contains boundaries in seven themes: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) boundaries, electoral boundaries, state and territory boundaries, local government areas, suburbs/localities, wards and town points. Updated versions of the Administrative Boundaries will be published on a quarterly basis from February 2016. For further information on Administrative Boundaries, including FAQs on the data, see: www.psma.com.au/products/administrative-boundaries or contact PSMA’s network of value added resellers and integrators that provide a range of commercial products based on Administrative Boundaries including software solutions, consultancy and support.


Complete, current and continuous coverage of Australia excluding external territories

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