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Prescribed Surface Water Areas

In response to water usage issues, certain areas within the state may be prescribed in order to control future water extraction processes. The prescription may be either area based or watercourse based (or in some area both eg Barossa). This layer contains the line work of the surface water areas which have been prescribed through legislation. This layer is maintained as the master line work of the prescribed areas within the state.

Dataset Purpose

This layer will mainly be used for administration purposes for water licensing.

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Dataset Lineage

This coverage was maintained in an ad-hoc fashion by a variety of agencies through the early 1990's. This layer was redefined in 1997 in order to be the master copy in the state. Most of the line work for this layer was originally based upon the Hundreds boundaries (taken from the DCDB) and so retains the some of the characteristics from this layer. It is expected that the new areas around the state will be prescribed in the next few years, and this layer will act as a base on which to build.

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