Input Dataset

NSW Addressing Database (GURAS)


Address String is an object class used to store all information related to the address, such as House number, Road name and type and Suburb. Other details are also stored such as Unit number and Property name as well as system generated details. All Address Strings are designated either ‘Primary’, ‘Secondary’ or ‘Alternate’. For more information and definitions of each feature class, feature instance and their attributes please refer to the LPI GURAS Data Dictionary.

Dataset Purpose

The GURAS database is commonly used by all levels of Government for purposes such as emergency services, computer aided dispatch systems, postal and delivery services, and as a common identification of location. GURAS provides incremental address updates to the PSMA to maintain GNAF’s currency on behalf of NSW. Government agencies, utilities and others involved in land use planning, engineering, asset maintenance, and environmental analysis frequently use this data.

Funding Support

Access Format

GeoDatabase(gdb), Shape(shp), ESRI SDE, Well Known Text(wkt), Data Exchange Format(dxf),Oracle(SDO), MapInfo(MID/MIF/TAB)

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National datasets