Input Dataset

NSW Address Point Dataset


Address Point is a point feature class used to spatially locate an address. The original location is a system generated centroid (mid point) of the associated property polygon. Note: It does not reflect the location of dwellings located within the property unless the sub-type has been designated as a ‘Building’. For more information and definitions of each feature class, feature instance and their attributes please refer to the LPI GURAS Data Dictionary.

Dataset Purpose

Address Point is commonly used to spatially locate the address/es associated with a property as defined by the Valuer General’s ValNet database.

Funding Support

Access Mechanisms

GIS Database, WMS, XML, Value added reseller or broker.

Access Format

GeoDatabase(gdb), Shape(shp), ESRI SDE, Well Known Text(wkt), Data Exchange Format(dxf),Oracle(SDO), MapInfo(MID/MIF/TAB)

Dataset Lineage

The GURAS database was initially populated with property information sourced from the Valuer General’s Department’s ValNet database in 2005. Upgrading and Quality Assurance of property information commenced in 2008. It is continuously updated through automated batching processes of property information sourced from ValNet and spatially structured components sourced from the DCDB (legal boundaries). It is also manually updated and quality assured using data sourced from and verified by Local Councils. There is no overall accuracy reported in the database.

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