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LIST Named Feature Extents

LIST Named Feature Extents depicts the spatial extent of a Named Geographic Feature, or other feature or place which is cannot be represented in any of the other LIST spatial data sets, in terms of a bounding polygon.This dataset has been developed primarily for internal use within Land Tasmania for recording and identification purposes for selected feature names.The data has been attributed with the Nomenclature Register Number (NOM_REG_NO), which is the Unique ID for the Feature Name which is held within the Placenames Tasmania (Nomenclature) database, and the feature name for those features which are designated for publication.Note that the Named Feature Extent dataset will also hold polygons for archived features which are not for publication. In these cases the NOM_REG_NO attribute will appear, however the feature name will be suppressed.Named Geographical features relating to relief and other natural features as well as places and some road features, that cannot be linked to a point, line or polygon in another LIST data set will be represent here. This includes Mountains, Bays, Estuaries, Valleys, Bends, Towns any many cultural features etc.The data set is held as polygons, and there will be overlaps between many of these features.

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