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LIST Marine Nature Reserves

The LIST Public Land Classification dataset is the authoritative source for information on Tasmania's Crown Land Reserves. This layer includes all reserves proclaimed under the Nature Conservation Act 2002, the Forest Management Act 2013 and the Crown Lands Act 1976.Reserve categories are: Conservation Area, Game Reserve, Historic Site, National Park, Nature Recreation Area, Nature Reserve, Regional Reserve, State Reserve, Public Reserve, and Permanent Timber Production Zone Land. Note: The Forestry Act 1920 has been repealed and replaced with The Forest Management Act 2013. State Forest under the repealed Act is now called Permanent Timber Production Zone Land. Land dedicated as Forest Reserve under the repealed Act has ceased to be Forest Reserve. The majority of former Forest Reserves are now reserved under the Nature Conservation Act.This dataset has been derived from The LIST Cadastral Area and these reserves will overlap the Authority Land parcels forming part of the Cadastral Parcels dataset.Attributes include: Reserve Category, the Name of the reserve if an approved name has been assigned, the Plan reference and proclamation details of the reserve.

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