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The LIDAR Mt Wellington Index is a 1km gridded set of tiles covering the extent of this dataset. LiDAR data can be downloaded on this tile basis from LISTMAP or from LIST Services as a complete dataset. The Mt Wellington LiDAR dataset is high resolution digital information available as either a 1 metre grid posting Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the ground or classified point cloud data. It covers around 270 square kilometres of land bounded by Humphreys Rivulet in the north, North West Bay River in the south, Mount Wellington in the east and the River Derwent in the east. The point cloud data is available as either: level 2 auto classified data, or level 4 classified data.

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Access Mechanisms

Online, Web service (for index). Some data is available through LISTMAP

Access Format

Available through the LIST MAP

Dataset Lineage

Lineage Statement Mt Wellington LiDAR data was collected by a Tasmanian company, Coordinated Solutions and a Victorian based company, Photomapping Services. Along with 20cm imagery, this LiDAR data was collected on behalf of a consortium of state and local government bodies: Mineral Resources Tasmania (DSG), State Emergency Services, Land Tasmania (DPIPWE), Hobart, Glenorchy and Kingborough Councils. Lineage Description Positional Accuracy: Data was collected to meet project specifications for an accuracy of 15 cm in height for a bare earth 1 metre grid.

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