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LIST Contour 5m

LIST contours consist of linear features which depict an imaginary line representing a constant elevation on the Earth's surface. There are two datasets available - Contours 10m and Contours 5m.Contours 10m depicts contour lines at 10 metre intervals which were created for the 1:25,000 map series and coverage includes all Tasmania and offshore islands excluding Macquarie Island. This is a seamless coverage and attributes are complete. Contours 5m depicts contour lines at 5 metre intervals which were created for the former 1:5,000 Orthophoto/Cadastral map series and coverage generally only extends to urban areas and towns. This data is not seamless and edge matching has not been completed for all the map sheet tiles in this coverage. There may be incomplete data in some areas where dense vegetation is present. This dataset is not being revised.

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