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The G-NAF Product Description (an ISO 19131 compliant description) provides an optimised quality geometric description and a set of basic attributes of the Address Index for Australia. G-NAF incorporates all addresses included in contributors’ data that are regarded as complete addresses. G-NAF data is revised on a regular basis.

Dataset Purpose

Addresses were once exclusively related to properties (e.g. where a bill should be sent for a utility service or rates notice). In a digital world, the use and purpose of addressing has changed. Addresses are now used to label land parcels and properties as well as for locating assets such as ATMs, tree plantations, reserves and substations. Official addresses may be considered as those that are recognised and recorded by an authoritative body such as a land agency. In addition to official addresses, there are also “unofficial” or “in-use” addresses that may exist and be widely used and recognised by the community. Addressing is not always simple and can be extremely challenging and complex.

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