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Garden Bore Suitability


In response to the 2010-11 dry season, the Department of Water updated the areas suitable/unsuitable for additional garden bores in the Perth region. Areas designated unsuitable for additional garden bores have included the following factors: - salinity levels likely to be 1500 mg/L TDS or greater (in some instances >1000 mg/L TDS) because of proximity to river or ocean; - proximity to conservation wetlands (EPP 2004, Conservation, and Resource Enhancement); - potential for unreliable supply to clay soils (Guildford Clay); areas of thin superficial formations underlain by Rockingham Sand and/or Leederville Formation; and - potential for development of acid sulphate soils. - current Gnangara Mound groundwater abstraction risk map plus buffers around wetlands recommended for protection in the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy.

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