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Drainage basin sub-area - Queensland


The Drainage basin sub-area polygon coverage depicts a subdivision of the major drainage basins (catchment) in Queensland.

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This coverage is used as a means of numbering bores and gauging stations.

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This data set was created as a consequence of a larger project involving the capturing of all gauging station catchments in Queensland, undertaken at RSK, a business group of the department. The polygons were constructed by: - Using the existing major & minor river basins as an external framework. - Creating a clear overlay matching every 1:100 000 topographical map in Queensland. - The clear overlay had all 1:250 000 river basin boundaries, the major & minor river basins as well as the corner points for each map sheet.plotted on it. - Using these 1:250 000 basin boundaries, the major & minor river basins and the topography from the 1: 100 000 topo maps as a guide, the Sub-Basin Areas were determined and traced on to the clear overlay. - These basins were then digitised and stored in an ArcInfo coverage. RMS errors not > than 0.005. - These arcs were then tagged as ` Sub-Basinbdy `- Sub-Basin Areas - Queensland. - Regions were created from the resulting polygons.- Attributes pertaining to these regions are: Sub_Name; Sub_Number (AWRC).

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