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Direction Flow Grid 2008


The GEODATA 9 Second Digital Elevation Model (DEM-9S) Version 3 is a grid of ground level elevation points covering the whole of Australia with a grid spacing of 9 seconds in longitude and latitude (approximately 250 metres) in the GDA94 coordinate system. Version 3 of the DEM-9S was calculated by Version 5.2.2 of the ANUDEM procedure (Hutchinson 2007) from comprehensively revised and augmented national GEODATA-250K topographic source data (AUSLIG 1992, Geoscience Australia 2003, Geoscience Australia 2006) using Version 5.2.2 of the ANUDEM elevation gridding procedure. The source data included revised versions of GEODATA-250K elevation points, streamlines, cliff lines and waterbodies, trigonometric points from the National Geodetic Database and additional elevation and sink point data digitised by the Fenner School from 1:100K source material. Version 5.2.2 of the ANUDEM procedure incorporates major upgrades to the modelling of streamlines, lakes, cliff lines and the coastline. GEODATA 9 Second Flow Direction Grid (D8-9S) has been released for the first time with Version 3. The D8-9S is a corresponding grid describing the principal directions of surface drainage across the whole of Australia. This grid was calculated by the ANUDEM procedure as it derived the DEM-9S. It incorporates the data streamline structure and describes the drainage structure continent-wide. It can be used to delineate streamlines and associated catchment boundaries for the DEM-9S. This is particularly useful in low relief areas where drainage structure is not reliably defined by the DEM-9S elevations alone. The product can be used for applications requiring accurate representation of absolute elevation values. The elevation of source data high points (hills or mountains) is well represented in Version 3. The 1:250,000 source scale of the elevation grid makes the product useful for national, State-wide and regional applications. For more detailed information please refer to the User Guide below. Product Information Coverage: Australia, excluding external territories Currency: 2008 Coordinates: Geographical Datum: Horizontal: GDA94; Vertical: AHD71 Available Formats ESRI ASCII Grid, ER Mapper Grid, ESRI Grid, ERDAS Imagine Grid, ASCII XYZ Grid Medium: DVD-ROM (All formats available) or free online from Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (as ER Mapper Grid only)

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