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Coastline and State Border - Queensland

This dataset displays the land extent of the State of Queensland and comprises the state border (the cadastral boundary between the states) and the coastline of Queensland; including marine islands.

Dataset Purpose

To provide coastline and state border information for mapping and navigation.

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Dataset Lineage

The coastline was digitized from the most current imagery by defining mean high water from sand coloration and debris lines. Where available, the highest astronomical tide line generated from LiDAR was used to help define the line. Were the line is obscured by vegetation, in particular mangroves; the seaward edge of the vegetation is adopted.

The coastline feature does not cross the entrances to large inland waterbodies. In these instances, a feature type Junction is used to seamlessly connect the coastline. Where single drainage lines meet the coastline, the coastline snaps to the drainage line. 

The state border was captured and coincides with the position as shown by the Queensland Digital Cadastral Database,

Feature Types:
Coastline - The boundary between the mainland, marine islands and the sea. 
Junction - An artificial line between internal waters of the mainland and or marine islands and the sea.
State Border - The boundary defining the division of the Commonwealth of Australia into State/Territory administrations.

Feature - Unique feature type that identifies the topographic feature e.g. Coastline
SourceDate - Reliability date of the source information
Source - The imagery, map or data that the spatial location of the feature was obtained from.
AttDate - Reliability date of the document or authority that the name of the feature was acquired from.
AttSource - The imagery, map or data that was used for attributing the feature. If no name is present then the attribute source will be the imagery, map or data used to define the feature type e.g. coastline
PlanAccur - Planimetric Accuracy - The standard deviation of the horizontal positional accuracy.

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