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Australian river basins 1997


Shows the boundaries of the Australian basins as defined by the Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand (ARMCANZ). This data shows boundary and attribute information for 12 divisions, 77 regions and 245 basins. It also
contains, for each basin, information relating to its individual basin/region/division name and number. State borders are also included in the data. Data for Division XIII Distant Islands Division is not included. These basins are the primary building block for the collection of national
hydrologic data and the assessment of water resources. Data are suitable for GIS applications. Free online download. Available in ArcView Shapefile and MapInfo mid/mif. Product Specifications Coverage: Australia Currency: June 1997 Coordinates: Geographical Datum: AGD66 Format: ArcInfo Export, ArcView Shapefile and MapInfo mid/mif Medium: Free online and CD-ROM (fee applies)

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