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Australian Electronic Navigation Chart (AusENC)


AusENC are official vector Australian Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) providing coverage of Australian and Papua New Guinea waters.

They are authorised for use in IMO compliant Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and can also be used in compatible Electronic Chart Systems (ECS).


ENC deliver additional functionality over paper or raster charts when used in an ECDIS or suitable ECS. This additional functionality includes:

  • Enabling vessels to navigate using real-time GPS positions displayed directly on the ENC,
  • Enabling the ECDIS to respond to a safety depth contour based on vessel's actual draft,
  • Look-ahead functions which enable dangers or hazards to be identified automatically and warnings and alarms raised,
  • Provision of alerts and prompts for planned course alterations. The ability to customise the display and level of detail to suit the vessel, conditions and time of day.


Approximately 850 ENC are included in the AusENC service.

For more information about ENC, ECDIS and ECS, see Electronic Charting Information.


National coverage of Australia excluding territories.