Input Dataset

Airports - Queensland


This dataset shows the extent and names of major airports and aerodromes within the State of Queensland.

Dataset Purpose

To provide digital data displaying the extent of major airports and aerodromes within the State of Queensland for use in Land Administration, Topographic Mapping, and Emergency Management and in the production of Navigational and Web Based Mapping applications.

Dataset Lineage

The location of the features was sourced from existing topographic and regional mapping and Geoscience Australia and linked to the Queensland Digital Cadastral Database parcels. The features were validated against current orthophotography, satellite imagery and modified where necessary. Feature Types: Airport Area - The defined area of a facility licensed, certified or registered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority intended to be used either wholly or in part for the arrival, departure and surface movement of aircraft and associated cargo. Attributes: FEATURETYPE - Unique feature type that identifies the topographic feature e.g. Airport Area NAME - The name of the feature ALTERNATENAME - An alternate name of the feature (if available) FEATURERELIABILITY - Reliability date of the source information FEATURESOURCE - The imagery, map or data that the spatial location of the feature was obtained from ATTRIBUTERELIABILITY - Reliability date of the document or authority that the name of the feature was acquired from ATTRIBUTESOURCE - The source (imagery, map or data) used for attributing (naming) of the feature. PLANIMETRICACCURACY - The standard deviation of the horizontal positional accuracy. TEXTNOTE - A comment field. DIMENSION - This is the dimension of the feature in square metres as measured in the GDA94 Australia Albus projection.

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