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9 Second Digital Elevation Model of Australia


Digital Elevation Model data record the terrain height variations from the processed point-located data recorded on an airborne geophysical survey. The aircraft altimeter data records the height of the aircraft above the ground and the aircraft GPS rec`ords the height of the aircraft above the ellipsoid. Subtracting the two values enables the height of the terrain beneath the aircraft relative to the ellipsoid to be calculated. This ellipsoidal terrain height is corrected for the variation between the ellipsoid and the geoid (the n-value correction) to produce terrain heights relative to sea level.

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Airborne geophysical and gravity data are processed via standard methods to ensure the response recorded in the data is that due only to the rocks in the ground. Thus producing datasets that can be interpreted to reveal the geological structure of the sub-surface. The processed data are checked by GA geophysicists using standard methods for assessing quality to ensure that the final data released by GA are fit-for-purpose.

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