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1 second SRTM Derived Hydrological Digital Elevation Model (DEM-H) version 1.0


The 1 second SRTM derived DEM-H Version 1.0 is a 1 arc second (~30 m) gridded digital elevation model (DEM) that has been hydrologically conditioned and drainage enforced. The DEM-H captures flow paths based on SRTM elevations and mapped stream lines, and supports delineation of catchments and related hydrological attributes. The dataset was derived from the 1 second smoothed Digital Elevation Model (DEM-S; ANZCW0703014016) by enforcing hydrological connectivity with the ANUDEM software, using selected AusHydro V1.6 (February 2010) 1:250,000 scale watercourse lines (ANZCW0503900101) and lines derived from DEM-S to define the watercourses. The drainage enforcement has produced a consistent representation of hydrological connectivity with some elevation artefacts resulting from the drainage enforcement. A full description of the methods is in preparation (Dowling et al., in prep). This product is the last of the Version 1.0 series derived from the 1 second SRTM (DSM, DEM, DEM-S and DEM-H) and provides a DEM suitable for use in hydrological analysis such as catchment definition and flow routing.

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