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National Groundwater Bores

The National groundwater bores is a national dataset aggregated from numerous inputs to produce a consistent coverage over Australia for groundwater bores.

The groundwater bores (including monitoring, irrigation and commercial bores) and associated lithology, construction and hydrostratigraphy logs. The National Aquifer Framework has been used to standardise the hydrogeological unit terminology for this dataset.

National Baseline

The term Territorial Sea Baseline (TSB) refers to the line from which the seaward limits of Australia's Maritime Zones are measured. These include the breadth of the territorial sea; the seaward limits of the contiguous zone, the exclusive economic zone and, in some cases, the continental shelf.
The territorial sea baseline may be of various types depending upon the shape of the coastline in any given locality:

National Continental Shelf

The Continental Shelf is the area of the seabed and subsoil which extends beyond the territorial sea to a distance of 200M from the territorial sea baseline and beyond that distance to the outer edge of the continental margin as defined in Article 76 of the Convention. The continental shelf is largely coextensive with the exclusive economic zone within 200M from the territorial sea baselines (there are certain areas between Australia and Indonesia and Australia and Papua New Guinea where they are not coextensive).

Administrative Boundaries

The Administrative Boundaries datasets are Australia’s most comprehensive national collection of boundaries including government, statistical and electoral boundaries.

Administrative Boundaries is produced by PSMA Australia Limited (PSMA), an unlisted public company formed by the nine governments of Australia to collate and standardise, format and aggregate location data from each of the jurisdictions into authoritative location based national datasets.


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