Department of Transport



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13 11 56
140 William Street, Perth WA 6000

Our key focus is on operational transport functions and strategic transport planning and policy across the range of public and commercial transport systems that service Western Australia. With more than 1000 employees, we have the expertise to deliver and connect a complex, inter-related economic and social network.

We connect people with goods and services through an intricate system of roads, railways, airports, ports and waterways and educate and regulate to keep them safe within those networks. We co-ordinate and prioritise the transport related infrastructure that allows our economy to grow.

Our purpose

We provide and enable safe, accessible and efficient movement for the economic and social prosperity of Western Australia.
Our vision

To have the best integrated and intelligent transport services and solutions for the State.

FSDF Datasets we are custodians of

We are not currently managing any National FSDF datasets.

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We are currently not undertaking any Tasks.

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We are currently not part of any Use Cases.

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We are currently not part of any Working Groups.

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We are currently not associated with and Mandates.