Data Use Cases

Alignment between Administrative Boundaries

A significant amount of users are seeking the national spatial alignment between the datasets contained within the Administrative Boundaries Theme. This miss-alignment results in inconsistent analysis of data when undertaken at differing scales, whilst also producing miss aligned or duplicated lines when using the boundaries for map visualisation purposes.

Addressing and the Australian Business Register

The Australian Business Register (ABR) is a whole-of-government program that works collaboratively across government and industry to store details about businesses and organisations when they register for an Australian business number. The ABR is recognised nationally as a valuable asset and is used by the community and government daily to identify and verify business information and plan for infrastructure and service delivery.

Problem: Addresses need to be validated for internal service portals and when new registrations are created online.

Solution: Integrate the openly available G-NAF into the online process to use single-line address validation to verify addresses entered in real time. A 3rd party provided address validation service is used.