Title Responsible Authority
Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 NT
Air Services Act 1995 Airservices
Australian Bureau of Statistics Act 1975 Commonwealth
Australian Bureau of Statistics Act 1975 Australian Bureau of Statistics
Bushfire Act NT
CASA Regulations Commonwealth
Census and Statistics Act 1905 Commonwealth
Census and Statistics Act 1905 Australian Bureau of Statistics
Coastal Waters (State Powers) Act 1980 Commonwealth
Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 Commonwealth
Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 WA
Control of Roads Act NT
Conveyancing Act 1919 NSW
Crimes at sea Act 2000 Commonwealth
Electoral ACT NT
Electoral Act 1992 QLD
Electorial Act 1907 WA
Emergency Management Act 1986 VIC
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
Environmental Offsets Policy October 2012 Department of the Environment and Energy
Fisheries Act NT
Fisheries Management Act 1991 Commonwealth
Geographic place names ACT 1998 VIC
Geographical Names Act 1966 NSW
Geographical Names Act 1991 SA
Geograpical Names ACT 1991 SA
International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 1974 International Maritime Organization
Land Act 1958 VIC
Land Administration Act 1993 WA
Land Administration Act 1997 WA
Land Information Act 2006 WA
Land Information Authority Act 2006 WA
Law of Property Act NT
Legislation Districts Act 2002 ACT
Licenced surveyors Act 1909 WA
Local government ACT 1989 VIC
Local Government Act 1995 WA
Local Government Regulation 2012 QLD
Marine and Harbours Act 1981 WA
Marine Parks ACT 2007 SA
Motor Vehicles Act NT
National Measurement ACT 1960 Commonwealth
National Measurment Act 1960 NT
National Water Initiative Commonwealth
Native Title Act 1994 ACT
Natural Resource Management Act 2004 SA
Navigation Act 2012 Australian Maritime Safety Authority
NSW FSDF Data and Information Custodianship Policy NSW
NSW Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002
Pastoral Land Act NT
Place Names Act NT
Place Names Act 1994 QLD
Port Authority Act 1999 WA
Practice Directives for Surveyors Victoria VIC
Public place names Act 1989 ACT
Public safety and Planning NT
Real Property Act 1900 NSW
Roads management ACT 2004 VIC
Seas and Submerged Lands Act 1973 Commonwealth
Shipping and Pilotage Act 1967 WA
Survey ACT 1992 SA
Survey Coordination Act 1944 TAS
Survey Coordination ACT 1958 VIC
Survey Coordination Regulations 2004 ? VIC
Surveying & Spatial Info Act 2002 NSW
Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2015 VIC
Surveying and Mapping infrastructure Act 2003 QLD
Surveyors Act 2007 ACT
Tasmania place names ACT 2016 TAS
The Coastal Waters (Northern Territory Powers) Act 1980 Commonwealth
Transfer of Land Act 1893 WA
Water Act NT
Water Act 2007 Commonwealth
Water Management ACT 1999 TAS